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Sisyphean Love

There is a balancing act that takes place when you love someone unconditionally. Sometimes you find yourself needing more than they are capable of giving. You worry that if you start to make… Continue reading

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Making Something out of Nothing

Sometimes I wonder what nothing looks like I imagine pitch blackness or sometimes bright white but if nothing has color and color’s a thing then nothing’s something from what that color brings It’s… Continue reading

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On Adopting a Compassionate Diet

  Let me start off by saying, once again, that I’m not in the business of trying to impose my lifestyle choices on anyone else. Your body is your own  temple and you have… Continue reading

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Stupid Cupid

I’d imagine the sweat of Cupid’s brow perfuse for a job well done, but never We are easy targets to shoot from a distance but arrow and flesh soon sever Was it he who… Continue reading

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  Sometimes looking at life through rose-colored lenses makes the tears look bloody It’s okay to be optimistic, as long as it doesn’t blur your vision of the truth Some clouds don’t have… Continue reading

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On the Manipulation of the Ego

Sometimes, in life, you meet people and you try to befriend them. You find traits about them that you lack within yourself and you naturally gravitate to them, all the while, never even… Continue reading

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