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I’m Fine.

Why do you keep going?

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I Fall

Everything hurts more than it probably should The smallest things send me into spirals And I get it The illusion of control is intoxicating The illusion of choice, even moreso I reach out… Continue reading

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Happy Winter Solstice

It’s no coincidence today is Winter Solstice and I had absolutely no idea…   I’ve been all over the place this year. Really out of tune with the symphony of life.   Mercury’s… Continue reading

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On Getting Bi…

I am staring at the blinking cursor on my computer screen, wondering how to start this entry. I haven’t written a blog post in a very long time… not because I feel like… Continue reading

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I am Dead

Crying on the outside Dying from within Falling through the mazes Don’t know where I’ve been Can’t know where I’m going Blinded by the lies Taken with fear Contemplating my demise Looking for… Continue reading

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  Today I looked into your eyes and knew that you would be alright I smiled and whispered in your ear that I’d see you tomorrow Who would¬†have known¬†this time alone would be… Continue reading

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The more I think about it The less it thinks of me It takes control and won’t let go Both pain and pleasure be Till all I have to hold onto is barely… Continue reading

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Why am I awake? Yesterday, it seems, has found me further than today I’m feeling like reality is but a simple dream A fantasy of good and bad with nothing as it seems… Continue reading

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Love & other Demons

Respectfully Regretfully and everything’s in jeopardy Expected the neglecting me The next best thing instead of me in ecstasy is deafening Rejecting me to sentencing Resenting me for recklessly presenting thee with threatening… Continue reading

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Black and Blue

I’m feeling like a walking bruise No matter how I’m touched it hurts I’m feeling like I’m being used No matter how clean, dirt still lurks I’ve never felt like this before Should… Continue reading

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