Black and Blue

I’m feeling like a walking bruise No matter how I’m touched it hurts I’m feeling like I’m being used No matter how clean, dirt still lurks I’ve never felt like this before Should… Continue reading

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I Don’t Want to be Right

If loving you is wrong because I harbor hate inside Then I’ll love you like the hate’s a lie I don’t want to be right If missing you is wrong because you’re right… Continue reading

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On Adopting a Compassionate Diet

  Let me start off by saying, once again, that I’m not in the business of trying to impose my lifestyle choices on anyone else. Your body is your own  temple and you have… Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with this Picture?

I once painted a picture which was perfect in my eyes But the picture started fading losing signs of better times With age the paint chipped away and the colors weren’t as bright… Continue reading

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Stupid Cupid

I’d imagine the sweat of Cupid’s brow perfuse for a job well done, but never We are easy targets to shoot from a distance but arrow and flesh soon sever Was it he who… Continue reading

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What is a star?

I see so much talent in others So much more than money is wealth When people share their gifts with their brothers and don’t keep them all for self God has blessed them… Continue reading

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  Sometimes looking at life through rose-colored lenses makes the tears look bloody It’s okay to be optimistic, as long as it doesn’t blur your vision of the truth Some clouds don’t have… Continue reading

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All that Matters

  This is a poem about a little girl Who wrote a poem about her life on white paper She had a hamster She liked the boy next door and she had a… Continue reading

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Behind my many faces lay just one hidden fortress Locked within, hidden, a mind tightly shackled and kept secret Mentally chained I strain to break free of the fallacies and lies On a… Continue reading

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Locked Inside my Head

I sit alone Oblivious to everything Knowing everyone Looking deep into their shallowness Feeling suffocated because I am my own best company Claustrophobia is setting in Not physical but mental My mind is… Continue reading

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