My Orchard

My dreams seem to be floating off afar since I hitched my wagon to a star I can’t uncover my own plan for flight under the wing of another   There go my… Continue reading

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Before and After

Before you met me I brushed my teeth I put on my clothes I made up the sheets I powdered my nose I tied up my hair I filled up my cup I… Continue reading

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With patience wearing thin And remnants of sanity blowing in the wind I struggle to grip a piece of peace Engulfed in a fire that will not cease The fog envelopes my soul I… Continue reading

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Poetic Just Is

Give me the depth of Emily Dickinson Some classic Thoreau prose The opinions of Ms. Giovanni The politics of Leroi Jones Maya Angelou’s confidence Billy Shakespeare’s take on Love The depression of E. A.… Continue reading

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Our Deepest Fear

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.’ We ask ourselves,… Continue reading

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Making Something out of Nothing

Sometimes I wonder what nothing looks like I imagine pitch blackness or sometimes bright white but if nothing has color and color’s a thing then nothing’s something from what that color brings It’s… Continue reading

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When Forever Walks Away

When forever walks away what are you supposed to do? Can you paint portraits of rainbows with just colors black and blue? Could you hold on to forever like you never even knew?… Continue reading

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Black and Blue

I’m feeling like a walking bruise No matter how I’m touched it hurts I’m feeling like I’m being used No matter how clean, dirt still lurks I’ve never felt like this before Should… Continue reading

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I Don’t Want to be Right

If loving you is wrong because I harbor hate inside Then I’ll love you like the hate’s a lie I don’t want to be right If missing you is wrong because you’re right… Continue reading

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On Adopting a Compassionate Diet

  Let me start off by saying, once again, that I’m not in the business of trying to impose my lifestyle choices on anyone else. Your body is your own  temple and you have… Continue reading

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