I find glory in the mending I find glory in the King I find glory in the knowing that through him I’ve become free His truth is all that matters His knowledge is… Continue reading

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On Letting Go of Negative Energy

I am a firm believer that everything is about your perception. Whether you believe a situation is positive or negative is simply a matter of discernment. At the level of energy, that situation… Continue reading

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When did you decide that living was no longer something she would do? She stepped outside her life to find a freedom that she barely knew But when I look back on that… Continue reading

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  Today I looked into your eyes and knew that you would be alright I smiled and whispered in your ear that I’d see you tomorrow Who would have known this time alone would be… Continue reading

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The more I think about it The less it thinks of me It takes control and won’t let go Both pain and pleasure be Till all I have to hold onto is barely… Continue reading

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Why am I awake? Yesterday, it seems, has found me further than today I’m feeling like reality is but a simple dream A fantasy of good and bad with nothing as it seems… Continue reading

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Love & other Demons

Respectfully Regretfully and everything’s in jeopardy Expected the neglecting me The next best thing instead of me in ecstasy is deafening Rejecting me to sentencing Resenting me for recklessly presenting thee with threatening… Continue reading

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Sun beams

Fear precedes love For a deserted mind cannot fathom solitude as a necessity but a horrid misappropriation Love in a lonely eye is life in a fallacy An existence spent searching the sun for… Continue reading

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The Light

My eyes have seen the glory of my beloved’s face Through countless storms still a blazing fire remains Stifled flames not but if peradventure it be so A field of fireflies shall rise… Continue reading

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My mind pregnant with possibilities A journey down the serpent’s tongue Underneath birch trees Plotting my biometry The road assumes a sign of peace Death inevitably next for me like Emily I’ve mechanical… Continue reading

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