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Cross Canceling Cohesion

And other paradoxes…

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For Girls with Tempest Hearts…

A love letter to myself

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I Fall

Everything hurts more than it probably should The smallest things send me into spirals And I get it The illusion of control is intoxicating The illusion of choice, even moreso I reach out… Continue reading

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If I Were Some Other Girl

If I were some other girl, I’d think her a fool I’d think that no one is that busy… and if he wanted to make time for her he would I’d tell her… Continue reading

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Serotonin Slave

I belong to no one Auctioning off pieces of myself for┬ápleasure Time Emotion Thoughts Attention Actions Experiences Opinions Presence Presence Presence… I struggle with the joint custody of my serotonin… That new people… Continue reading

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Incapable of Love?

Up late again… Nothing new for a girl like me It’s like Insomnia is just a magnifying glass for pain I miss her… I wonder if this feeling is just the thrill of… Continue reading

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3:16 A.M.

I am unhappy Nights like this Sipping wine and listening to Portishead Wondering if there is anyone else in this world who feels the way I do Alone Underwhelmed Almost angry even In… Continue reading

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I am Dead

Crying on the outside Dying from within Falling through the mazes Don’t know where I’ve been Can’t know where I’m going Blinded by the lies Taken with fear Contemplating my demise Looking for… Continue reading

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The Stranger

I found Jesus of Nazareth one day when I was lost I came across a toll stop but I could not pay the cost Jesus looked at me kindly and beckoned me from… Continue reading

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I find glory in the mending I find glory in the King I find glory in the knowing that through him I’ve become free His truth is all that matters His knowledge is… Continue reading

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