Cross Canceling Cohesion

She always thought she was fire
Burning, rolling through everything and
Consuming, but
She is ocean waves and sea breeze
A peculiar thing
Not foreign in the way her skin crawls but
Waters pushed and pulled at the whims of a Pisces moon
And they wonder
How can one be such a contradiction
How can an Aries sun burn through crushing wave after wave
Still blinding all
How can we feel the coolness of her tides
Traverse her depths yet
Still become blinded by the rays
Scorched by the heat
Such things cannot coexist as one
Within one
Such things bring a being into constant revolt

She is where the sun and sea meet
The rays that glisten against the churning surface
Go deeper
Where the sunbeams breach the ocean floor
Where the Earth is hot and the Sea is cold
Where lava bubbles beneath
Oceans between unruly fits of heat
She is peace
Balancing both
She is impossible
Impossible as the sun and moon sharing the sky
Embers in her heart
Tides in her head
She is fire and ice
Moon princess
Sun goddess
Too God damn much for you


-Trinity Blaze