For Girls with Tempest Hearts…

You are a hurricane, my love

A storm of fire, and ocean, and constellations

dancing in the dark

You wreck and ravage


Your seas burning

Your stars drowning

Your fire swallowed up in dark nothingness

You are impossible, my love

A walking paradox of

breath and

earth and

tears and

fury and

you try don’t you?

You try to make sense of the void

You reach deep and scratch at the surface of it

You tap at it

You poke and prod

Ripping loose foul ravenous creatures

Content on tearing you apart

They encapsulate you

Eyes glistening in hunger and want for destruction

Because nothing as beautiful as you

is ever meant to last

You were made to destroy Kingdoms

my love

You were made to fight

Your core means nothing to those left in your wake

Your intention is worthless

So you live on

and you move

and you breathe

and bend

and break

and bow

and become

over and over this fight to survive

Born of chaos

but wanting peace

and a place where you can exist

and move freely

without destroying everything in your path…


Twirl, darling.