The Stranger

I found Jesus of Nazareth

one day when I was lost

I came across a toll stop

but I could not pay the cost

Jesus looked at me kindly

and beckoned me from thence

but I could not find the sound mind

to pay the free admittance

So He went on His way

and there, alone, I stayed

waiting for someone else

to fill the void I had not paid

Till one day walking blindly

I came upon a stranger

who startled me into a scream

but yet he posed no danger


He said, “Do you remember me?”

I looked as if looks do deceive

I said, “Jesus, you came back for me…

though I do not believe?”

He looked at me with kindness

A look I’ve seen before

He said, “Child, I had never left,”

then I fell to the floor

I asked him to forgive me

He said, “No need to beg,

for your sins were forgiven

the moment you bowed your head

and humbled your heart for me.”

Jesus, forgive me still. My Lord!

For I have shame in your pure eyes

and will have shame once more!

He said, “Fear not, my child,

for your star shines true brightness

and every person on this earth

was made in Godly likeness.”

Oh, I’m ashamed, my Lord

I’ve been a stranger to you!

Then Jesus touched my head and said

“My child, I always knew you.”

My child, I all ways knew you

My child, I all ways new  you.


Trinity Blaze (Age 21)

Written February 28, 2006