I find glory in the mending

I find glory in the King

I find glory in the knowing

that through him I’ve become free

His truth is all that matters

His knowledge is the key

The sky is not the limit

for the King’s given me wings

My sins have been forgiven

My life has been restored

And I will praise your name, my Lord

until I am no more

While here on earth I’ve found it

Redemption in your eyes

Apologize while there’s still time

and repent, lest you die

True life is in His kingdom

True love is in his arms

and I will love him endlessly

through all the earthly storms

For Jesus is the answer

to all the things you need

and ye shall be fulfilled from him

the maximum degree

Let go this earthly torment

So gracious is our Lord

to love you when you love him not,

then love you evermore

Be true for God knows all things

Deceiveth not your core

For Kingdom come, his will be done

so be you not unsure

Jesus has watch upon thee

In all your acts he precedes

If full of faith and full of trust

your soul will rise above thee…

Lord shower me with wisdom

Lord shower me with grace

for I am just a lamb of God

unfit to see your face

but pray that I may someday

find peace within His land

Oh, holy God please guide me

and take my unworthy hand

I’ll walk within your spirit

I’ll shower in your blood

Through Jesus I’m forgiven

so come drag me through the mud

Come curse me for my beliefs

Come smite me for my words

But I’ll remain ever the same

Immersed in his true word

Until I’m in the dirt

Immersed in his true word

Until we inherit the earth

immersed in his true word


Trinity Blaze (age 21)

Written February 28, 2006

Adapted September 12, 2012

*I spelled immersed wrong 🙂