Love & other Demons



and everything’s in jeopardy

Expected the

neglecting me

The next best thing

instead of me

in ecstasy

is deafening

Rejecting me

to sentencing

Resenting me

for recklessly

presenting thee

with threatening

This entity

is next to me


objecting me

Can anything

be depressing

like emptying

the memory

of better things

or blessed dreams

The pleasantries


pathetic deeds

that render me

a helpless me

But with blessings

ahead of me

The devil needs

a better means

of measuring

my energy

I’ll never be

the level he

expects of me


my essence, he’s


the death of me

and get’s the king

with messaging

to mentally

bedevil me

Yet we believe

that heaven be

upsetting he

but never he

will sever we

Trinity Blaze (age 20)

Written December 28, 2005