My mind pregnant with possibilities

A journey down the serpent’s tongue

Underneath birch trees

Plotting my biometry

The road assumes a sign of peace

Death inevitably

next for me

like Emily

I’ve mechanical feet



I can not stop walking


and either way I meet defeat

The road, a utensil time uses to eat

away at the life that I lead

Nay, the life that leads me

and all its mysteries which precede me

So many choices elude me

but one certainty constantly pursues me

And soon we will meet

Moving my feet

Choosing the route best to seek destiny

while death’s desperately invested in me

The embers of simplicity

burning with complexity

Wondering what’s next for me

Beyond the unescapable death of me

Trinity Blaze (age 20)

Written December 13, 2005

Formerly titled “Choices”