Poetic Just Is

Give me the depth of Emily Dickinson

Some classic Thoreau prose

The opinions of Ms. Giovanni

The politics of Leroi Jones

Maya Angelou’s confidence

Billy Shakespeare’s take on Love

The depression of E. A. Poe

and the passion of Tupac’s T.H.U.G.

Give me Emerson’s perception

and Rob Frost’s way with words

Longfellow’s expression

and just a few of those Keats verbs

The courage of Zora Neal Hurston

and the zeal of Langston Hughes

The charisma of Aesop

Some funniness from Dr. Seuss

The rhythm of The Last Poets

and the fire of Sire’s scribe

Then ask me again what poetry is

and I’ll give you a few poems of mine.

Poetic Just Is

-Trinity Blaze (age 20)

Written December 9, 2005