On Adopting a Compassionate Diet


Let me start off by saying, once again, that I’m not in the business of trying to impose my lifestyle choices on anyone else. Your body is your own  temple and you have the God-given free will to do with it whatever you please. I am also not in the business of judging anyone for the food that they do or do not eat. I do not seek to separate myself from anyone by slapping a label onto myself or others. My only aim is to become closer to nature and to become one with the beautiful energy of all living things. People, animals… makes no difference to me.

Most people completely shut down when you begin speaking about food. It’s a touchy subject and the reaction is usually, “I don’t want to know.” Well, like I said earlier, that is your choice. Every moment of everyday of our lives we make a choice. This choice largely goes unnoticed until you begin to learn how to take a step back from yourself and become aware of the present moment on a regular basis. This is the choice between fear and love. Every choice we make, broken down to its bare bones, is always the same battle between these same two energies. Fear or Love? Choose wisely…

If you’re still reading at this point, thank you! For the sake of this article, I will label myself a vegan so that there is no confusion. I’d like to begin by explaining why I don’t consider myself the “typical vegan” (if there is such a thing), but first, some general information. The picture to your left is not meant to be obnoxious. I’ve only posted it in the interest of saving time 🙂 Ok, now that that’s out of the way… On this particular path of my journey, I have come to understand one very simple fact: Things must die for me to live. That is, in order for me to sustain this human body, I have to eat, and in order for me to eat, I have to kill things.

Now, I don’t believe that anything really “dies” though, I am just using the words “die” and “kill” because they have clear-cut definitions. You know the animals people eat had to die before they came to their dinner plate. You also know that someone had to kill them. This is a basic principle. What you may not understand is how I view death, killing and the basic principles of energy which I’ve accepted to be true.

I feel that everything is alive (yes, even inanimate objects) because everything has an energy field. If you’ve studied thermodynamics or physics at all, you’ve probably heard of the Law of Conservation of Energy. It’s the theory that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. However, energy can change forms, and energy can flow from one place to another. The total energy of an isolated system remains the same. To me, this means that nothing ever really “dies” but it is only transmuted. So when you eat something, you are making that energy a part of your own. Once I realized this, I could not consider myself a person of sound mind, body and soul while eating the meat of a tortured entity. What horrors this energy must have experienced in the flesh. I didn’t want that kind of energy mixing with my own.

My mother suffered from severe depression. I had been around her for so long that I didn’t even notice her energy anymore. It had become normal. Throughout my life most people couldn’t quite put their finger on what was happening, but a few managed to figure it out. The general consensus was that she could suck the life right out of a room by her mere presence. I never realized what this meant until I started to become in tune with my own energy field. My mother was a vortex of negative energy. Her energy was so strong that she had succeeded in affecting mine. She died May 13th, 2010. I love her and miss her very much, but her freedom is my solace. I am glad that she is back with the energy now… but I digress.

The moral of that story is that energy is a HUGE factor in why I’ve decided to adopt a cruelty free diet. It’s not so much that I don’t condone the “killing” of animals. I believe fruits, vegetables and plants are alive before we yank them from their roots. And they definitely “die” eventually. Who knows if they even suffer or feel pain? I sure don’t. But animals… animals obviously feel pain. We see their reaction to pain. We have dogs and accidentally step on their tails sometimes. They yelp out in pain. The pain of an animal can be interpreted, whereas the pain of a fruit cannot, at least not by our own five senses.

Knowing this, I could not make the conscious decision to support pain. The fact of the matter is, the way cows, chickens, pigs and other animals used for milk, meat, eggs or other byproducts are treated and maintained is repulsive. The food industry’s need to supply the demand for beef and milk alone has created a mass production line of mutilation, torture and cruelty toward innocent cows and their calves. Animals that are vegetarians, might I add… but again, I digress.

I’m not going to get into what the food industry does in order to supply the demand. If you wanted to know that, you would’ve watched a PETA documentary by now. However, I will say that I have absolutely no problem with hunting animals for food. I have absolutely no problem with eating animals. If it were in my power, I would have my own farm where I would grow my own food and raise my own livestock, and if I wanted to eat beef, I would slaughter a cow myself, humanely and with great respect. To be quite honest though, I probably wouldn’t eat any of my animals. I personally just don’t see any point to eating meat, but again, I’m not against it.

What I am against is the cruelty that mass production has turned into the norm for these animals. There is no personal responsibility anymore. No intimacy. No one knows where their food comes from. No one knows what’s injected into these animals in order for them to be kept in disgusting conditions. No one knows what these animals go through, day in and day out… And what’s more, no one even cares.

As far a health goes, eating mass-produced animal products just seems counterproductive. Hell, eating genetically modified fruits and vegetables seems just as counterproductive to me. But the sick truth is the demand is far too high for the suppliers to meet responsibly or naturally, and the fact that nobody wants to know anything about their food has created a playground for the food industry to do whatever they can to maximize profits, even if it’s at the expense of your health. And why not? You don’t know any better. You don’t even want to know any better.

If you’ve taken even a basic course in economics, you’ll know a little something about supply and demand. If the demand is high, the supply must grow. So I simply decided to eliminate my part of the demand for meat and animal byproducts. Statistics show that one person saves about 100 animals per year by adopting a vegan diet. Seems clear-cut to me.

So you see, this decision was not only a spiritual one for me, but a political one as well. If you don’t know by now, I have no trust in our government to even defend the very constitution that our country is founded upon. Why would I have any faith in them to care about my health? There is fluoride in your water. Have you ever checked out the side effects of fluoride?

As much as I love to expose the United States government for the cowardly snakes that they are, I will limit my already dwindling freedom of speech to another blog at another time. Just do yourself a favor and make no mistakes about the system we all live in. It is cleverly designed and well executed to give you the illusion of choice. Brands are nothing more than illusions. Big brands own smaller brands, natural foods and even organics. And with the demand for organic foods growing at the rate it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if more and more conglomerates start jumping on the bandwagon. You won’t know about it though. Kellogg’s will never advertise that it owns Kashi. General Mill’s will never advertise that it owns Cascadian Farms. They’ll gladly step back and quietly take their cut, leaving all of us in the know wondering, “Is this cereal really even organic?” Sure, it has the USDA certified organic stamp on it, but if you did your research about the USDA you’d know their dirty little secrets as well. The fact of the matter is, these regulatory programs are in bed with the food industry. It’s just like George Carlin said: “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

I’ve always loved animals. When I was a child I used to wonder how it was possible for me to love animals the way I did and eat animals everyday. But like all other good children I ate what my mother gave me and pushed my own questions aside, trusting in her judgment. If only I had someone around to encourage me to question everything as I do now. If only I’d had the courage to stop remaining willfully ignorant. I sometimes wonder what kind of person I would be right now, but I realize that everything happens for a reason. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be on this journey. I am happy.

And so I pass no judgment on those who are on a different path, because there is no need for judgment. We may discern what is right for our own walk through life, and we must accept the fact that God gave everyone free will. We all have a purpose in this life. It is not your job to know mine any more than it is my job to know yours, but we must respect each other’s right to express ourselves. We all have our own journey to experience when we are ready. For me, adopting a compassionate diet was a way for me to get back to nature. I feel closer than I ever have to the oneness of all things. I feel energized, happy and loving. I feel free.