What is a star?

I see so much talent in others

So much more than money is wealth

When people share their gifts with their brothers

and don’t keep them all for self

God has blessed them with a way

to enlighten all they touch with art

but there was never a person made

who had no talent in his heart

So why aren’t we all celebrities?

Why aren’t we superstars and famous?

Because we’re not on TV doesn’t mean that we’re all nameless

So many untapped resources in the world

Untapped because people are selfish

I testify because I know a girl

who could be famous if she were selfless

But she hides her talent in an introverted shell

and chooses to express it only to a select few

All the while imagining just how well

her talent would prosper if it were in full view

Sometimes people define themselves by

what others think about them

I admire this girl and her selfish style

because she is a star without them



What is a star

Trinity Blaze (age 19)

Written April 27, 2004