On the Manipulation of the Ego

Sometimes, in life, you meet people and you try to befriend them. You find traits about them that you lack within yourself and you naturally gravitate to them, all the while, never even realizing any of this is happening. You never realize that what attracted you to this person was your own sense of lack. People have no real sense of self. Their entire sense of self rests almost entirely on their ego, which is why, when you “criticize” or speak in a way that threatens a person’s sense of self, they instantly go on the defensive, instead of listening to you objectively. The fact is they CAN’T listen to you objectively. The ego does not allow it. The ego has no room for criticism. The ego has one objective and one objective only: survival. Once someone messes with your ego, you go into defense mode because that’s what you’ve been trained to do. Your entire life has been conditioned from the moment you were born to feel separate from others. You’ve developed a sense of self that wants to be superior to others. You want others to envy you. You want others to like you. You seek approval. You seek gratification in the approval of others because you have no real sense of who you are. You are only being who you have been trained by the media to be. Since you were a little boy or girl, cartoon movies have showed you that only the prince gets the beautiful woman, and only the beautiful woman gets the prince. Men MUST be handsome and financially stable; women MUST be beautiful and marry wealthy men. You are on a never ending quest for manufactured wealth, with thoughts of happiness on the horizon, never stopping to think or appreciate all that you have accomplished already. This is a never-ending quest that few ever notice. Few ever get off of the hamster wheel. They just keep spinning and spinning; never happy, never satisfied. More, more, more…

It’s no coincidence that you have this insatiable drive to consume. The government relies on this to continue their financial system. Without us, they would have no money. So, from the very beginning of life, they program within you the desire for wealth and material things. They steal your power for hours on end, keeping you sedated in front of a television, making you want things you don’t need. They make you depressed because you can’t afford the lifestyle they exploit on the television, which makes you work harder to make more money, which makes you buy more stuff, which makes them richer. This desire for money makes you take out a loan for college so you can get a high paying job. College is an entirely different scam that I won’t get into here. All I will say is everything you can learn in college you can teach yourself for free. All college does is give you a piece of paper that says you know something from someone else who has a piece of paper that says they know something. Now you can make the government even MORE money. Good job.

Our consumer driven market would not work without you! The consumer! Wouldn’t it be a wise investment then, to program the generations to want to spend money on asinine things? Wouldn’t it be wise to keep them occupied with things like TV, where you can simultaneously mold their mindset to that of a valuable little money making robot? It’s genius when you really think about it, because they’ve made it so that you think it’s YOU who wants these things. But if it were you, then why are you still unhappy after you get them? Sure, you’re happy for a time, but eventually it wears off and you want something else. You’re like a dog that has seen a squirrel.

This world is bigger than what our five senses have allowed for us to discover. Our perception of things is only real to us because we know no other way to experience the world. If we see it, hear it, smell it, touch it, or taste it, it MUST be real. But reality is actually just electrical impulses interpreted by your brain. You may think you’re inside a room right now because your eyes see walls surrounding you and your skin feels the “solidity” of these walls, but what you see and feel is only being interpreted by your brain, which is inside of your head. Can’t it be true then, that the room is really inside your head? Can’t it be true that you’re not touching an actual wall of anything, but your brain has been conditioned to accept these boundaries as “real” and therefor sees them as separate from it? Theoretically, we could be anywhere doing anything. We could be walking through walls we have no concept of, because our senses are not as developed. We could be living in a mental dream world for all we know, just like that movie The Matrix.

Fear. Fear is what governs this dimension. Fear is a result of an ego trying to survive. Our beings, our essences, our true selves have no concept of fear. We are eternal balls of light and energy. We do not see death, but only transmutation. We use our bodies for a time, and then discard them. Our bodies are our temples, they are not us. We are the inhabitants of this temple. Your mind is a gift which controls your body, but your heart, that is your essence. This is the spiritual manifestation of the physical self. Here lies your connection with cosmic consciousness. This is your little piece of God.

You are a divine entity. You are cut from the same cloth of God. God created you to experience full potential. God loves you because you are an extension of it. You are consciousness expressing itself! You are a possibility! You have a purpose that is higher than you can imagine, but first, you must kill your ego. You must free your mind. You must stop being fearful and start accepting yourself. You must stop seeking for others to validate your ego and start learning who you truly are behind it. Another’s opinion of you is none of your business. Those are their judgments. They have nothing to do with you and you should not be giving them any power over your life. It is their own insecurity and lack of self that forces them to judge another. It is the ego trying to survive by creating differences and superiorities among it’s perceived competitors.

It has taken me a long time to come to the understanding that my ego is alive and well. It is still difficult for me to let certain slights go. I still have physical reactions that are labeled as anger, frustration, hostility and spite. Even with the knowledge that I have of my ego, I have yet to be able to beat it. But I will…

That’s all for now. I feel like napping.