How far are you willing to go for the truth?

My vision would turn your world upside down, tear asunder your illusions and send the sanctuary of your own ignorance crashing down around you


It’s really no surprise that fear rules our lives. Every decision we make, every action or inaction which follows and even every word we utter in hopes for the best or for the downfall of another is simply just a moment ruled by our predisposition to fear. Fear is innate… It is a survival mechanism. But fear is also something that has been used against us to keep us under control. Think about all the asinine phobias that are around now. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long words. I mean, seriously, how ridiculous is that? It’s gotten to a point where the simple human instinct to avoid danger has evolved into this grotesque monstrosity that keeps us all trapped inside of a box of our own choosing. This is no mistake, however. Evolution is probably not the best word for what’s happened here. These irrational fears have been grown over time by a psyche that has been manipulated since birth. They are using our very own human nature against us, and because we do not know ourselves, they’ve succeeded beyond our wildest imaginations. Honestly, who could even fathom having a fear of long words? This is merely a result of a very damaged mind that is struggling to make sense of the barrage of garbage it’s bombarded with on a daily basis. Our very minds are being tortured and crying out for freedom. Free dome.

I guess it would be a good idea to give you all a little background information on how I’ve arrived at this notion. I’d been researching the evolution of human mind control and stumbled upon an interesting documentary. A scientist was experimenting with a baby to see if he could create a fear of bunny rabbits in the child. He introduced the child to the rabbit and of course the child was curious. The baby had no fear of this rabbit at all. It wasn’t until the scientist introduced a loud clanging noise whenever he reintroduced the rabbit to the child that the child started to avoid the rabbit. On and on the clanging sound was presented with the rabbit until the child obviously developed an association with the scary clanging sound and the innocent, friendly rabbit. Eventually, the baby cried at the sheer sight of the rabbit, even when no clanging noise was presented. This is an irrational fear of rabbits. This is how most people develop irrational fears. It’s not in the actual object or situation where the fear lies, but in the perception of that fear. In essence, we feed our own fears by not understanding them. People fear what they do not understand.

I’ll give you another example: There was an experiment conducted on a college campus that called for volunteers to be zapped with an uncomfortable but not debilitating amount of electroshock. The people who did bother to stay the course and not quit after the initial shock were hooked up to electrodes to track their brainwaves. Just before they were shocked, a light bulb would turn on and they quickly associated the light bulb with the impending shock. After a while, the light bulb would go on sometimes and there would be no following shock. The shocks from then on became random. What they found was that every time the light bulb would go on and there was no shock to follow it, the anxiety in the volunteers grew. It got to a point where the mind was silently wishing for a shock. When the shock finally came, the mind (brainwaves) would quiet down, as if it were relieved that the shock had finally come.

This is how we are controlled. It is a systematic assailing of our minds that forces us to create these defenses from the slightest of things. We are being manipulated on a daily basis to perceive the world around us as crazy and out of control. We fear our neighbors, strangers and even those we once considered friends if they have different views from us, especially if those are religious views. They’ve created a world of separates, where you can’t trust anyone that’s “different”, especially not those who speak a different truth from the one coming out of the shiny rectangle hanging on the wall in your living room. Your tell-lie-vision is your master. You wear what it tells you to wear, think how it tells you to think, buy what it tells you to buy, eat what it tells you to eat and believe what it tells you to believe, all because you’re too afraid to think for yourself! You’re too afraid to even question what you believe. How can you truly believe something is true without challenging it at all? That’s madness!

Fear is the basis for all mind control. Once they have you afraid to ask questions, you are easily manipulated, and once you develop fears over irrational things, you will quickly trade in your freedom for your protection. It has been done over and over by our government throughout the history of our country, but I won’t get into that here. Our fear of death is probably the most gripping of any of our fears, and definitively more controlling than all of our other fears combined. I could speak on religion here, but I will save that for another time. Once they have you afraid to die, you will do anything to live. You would rather live on your knees than die on your feet. That is a sad life indeed; a life I could never lead.

It’s true what Franklin D. Roosevelt said: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

I challenge you to question what you have long accepted to be fact. I challenge you to stand up for whatever answers you may uncover, even if you find yourself standing alone. I challenge you to abolish your unique list of fears by making a promise to face them as often as possible. I challenge you to know thyself. I challenge you to be yourself. Unlearn, relearn and be reborn. Take back your mind.